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A line is made up of a large (infinite) number of points. When we say a point is on a line, we mean that it is one of the pints that form the line.

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Q: What does point on the line mean?
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A point that is always on the regression line?

(mean x, mean y) is always on the regression line.

What is data point on graph mean?

line graph

What is the number that corresponds to a certain point on a huber line?

Do you mean a number line?The question you asked contains the answer. Every point on a number line corresponds to a number, and every number has a corresponding point on the number line.

What does mid point mean in geometry?

It is the mid-point of a line segment that has end points

What does endpoint mean in math?

It is the point at which a line segment ends!

What does lntersection mean?

Point,line were on thing that crosses anthor.

What does the origin mean in a number line?

The point where the value is 0.

What does a contour line marked at 50 meters mean?

Any point on that line has an elevation of 50m.

What does intercept mean?

the point at which a given line cuts a coordinate axis; the value of the coordinate at that point.

What does it mean to say that a data point has a residual of zero?

The point lies directly on the regression line.

Has the three point line affect basketball?

Well, I think you mean what is the three point line... well the three point line in basketball is a designated arc line radiating from the basket. If a player shoots beyond the three point line, it counts as three points while if you shoot inside the three point line, it only counts as two points.

What does 0 mean on the number line?

It is the starting point for the number line, also called the origin. Measurements, along the number line, for all other values, are taken from that point.

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