What does polled mean?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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When your talking about cows, it means a cow that's naturally horns. and its other stuff for other animals

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It means that you ask a random sample of a population some question, in the hope that this random sample reflects the entire population (nation, province, world, etc.)

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Q: What does polled mean?
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What does a polled goat mean?

A polled goat is hornless.

What does it mean for bovine to be polled?

He or she has no horns protruding out of their head.

Is the tarentaise horned or polled?


Are belted gallaway polled or horned?


What breeds of cows are polled?

Angus, Red Angus, Polled Shorthorn, Polled Hereford, Brangus, Red Brangus, Red Poll, are the breeds that I can think of that are born naturally polled.

If a cow with horns is bred to a polled bull will her offspring be polled?


If a hornless bull mates with a horned cow what are the two genotypes of the two parents?

Hornless = polled. Polled cows and bulls can be either homozygous polled or heterozygous polled. So, since we have no idea of what kind of calf they produce, the genotypical cross will look like this: (H = polled and h= horned) H_ x hh "H_" symbolizes the unknown allele that the polled bull has. Is he hetero polled or homozygous polled? The "hh" of the cow symbolizes she is homozygous horned, since the horned trait in cattle is a recessive trait: polled gene is dominant.

What does polled mean in math?

Polled means surveyed. In this context, it probably means that a set of people were asked about their view on some thing(s).

Are jersey cattle polled or horned?

Amerifax cattle are predominantly polled.

Are senepol cattle horned or polled?

Polled. The dominant polled characteristics come from the Red Poll breed that is infused into this breed to make it the Senepol breed.

Are char bray cattle polled or horned?

Charbrays can be both horned or polled, or even scurred.

Polled is when a cow or goat is born and never grows horns?

Correct. "Polled" is the term given to cattle and goats that never grow horns. For example, Red Polls and Angus are cattle breeds that are naturally polled. Appenzells are a naturally polled breed of goats.