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Q: What does positive and negative signs mean in science?
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How do you divide negative fraction with the same denominator?

Do you mean with a denominator that is also negative? If you do, then it would be just like dividing positive numbers, the answer would be positive. If you divide two numbers and they have different signs, then the answer will be negative. However the task of dividing is the same no matter what the signs are. So... If they are the same sign ---> Positive If they are opposite signs ---> Negative

What does the negative and positive signs on a compound mean?

The signs indicate the degree of ionisation resulting fro the loss or gain of an electron.

CMV IgG was 170 what does it mean?

The CMV IgG at a 170 differs depending if the reading was positive or negative. A negative reading suggests that there are no signs of antibacterial infection while a positive reading suggests that there is an infection.

Why do 2 minus signs make a plus sign?

The - sign means negative so -- would mean negative negative and 2 negatives make a positive. hope this makes sense

What does negative answer mean?

its negative! negative reply, answer that is not positive

Do withdrew mean positive or negative?


What does a positive and negative turberculosis test look like?

You mean those skin tests? If you do, then a negative reaction is when there are no signs of any inflammation or redness around the injection site.

Can the sample mean in statistics be either positive or negative?

It can have either a negative or positive trend

What is a negative mean?

IN statistics yes there is a negative mean. Mean is the average of multiple numbers. Negative is opposite of positive.

What is the different between positive and negative decibel?

Negative decibels mean damping (loss) and positive decibels mean amplification (gain).

What does a positive and a negative sign mean on a pregnancy test mean?

well positive means yes and negative means no.... you cant have both.....

A negative plus a positive equels?

A negative or a positive! It depends on the question.EXAMPLES-7 + 3 = -4 ( a negative answer)-7 + 8 = 1 (a positive answer)IF you mean a negative times a positive, the answer is negative:-3 x 5 = -15

What does positive and negative effects mean?

A positive effect is one that is favorable; a negative effect is one that is unfavorable.

What do signs in shape of diamonds mean?

I'm pretty positive Diamond shapes signs are warning signs.

What molecule has a positive end and negative end?

A zwitterion, if you mean formal charges. If you just mean relatively positive and negative, then a polar molecule.

You are positive for gram negative bacilli?

I am gram-positive bacilli... what does this mean??

What does negative and positive mean?

A positive number is greater than zero; a negative number is less than zero.

Is placid negative or positive?

It depends on the context. It may mean quiet, unruffled (positive) or it could mean too laid back to do anything (negative).

What does a positive Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgG mean?

what does a POSITIVE Mycoplama IgG mean & NEGATIVE mycoplasma IgM

What does it mean to be Rh?

Rhesus positive or Rhesus negative?

Are there contributions positive or negative why?

That depends a lot on who you mean by "they".

What does negative zero error mean?

There can't be a negative zero. zero is neither negative nor positive.

Would the mean and standard deviation be negative if the set has only negative values?

The mean would be negative, but standard deviation is always positive.

Why is negative 9 squared negative 81?

It isn't. The square of any real number is positive. (negative 9)2 = positive 81. Did you mean negative (92) ? Well, 92 = 81, and the negative of that is negative 81.

What does it mean if the photosynthetic rate is negative?

Negative-consuming oxygen and positive- producing oxygen