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ax2 +bx + c

To find roots of any quadratic equation.

X = - b (+/-) sqrt(b2 - 4ac)/2a

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Q: What does quadratic formulas look like?
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What does a quadratic look like?

A quadratic equation looks like bow.

What does a graph with a quadratic relationship look like?

Like a parabola. Not "like": it would be.

What do quadratic equations look like?

ax2 + bx + c

How do you solve quadratic formulas?


What formulas do architects use?

quadratic formula

What is a quadratic relationship?

A quadratic relationship is a mathematical relationship that can be expressed by a quadratic formula in which the highest exponent is two (i.e., x squared). On a graph, this relationship will look like a parabola.

Do you have any other examples of real life applications of quadratic formulas?

you need it in carpentry

How do engineers use the quadratic formula?

In problems of motion, especially involving constant acceleration, a quadratic equation will from the formulas of motion to solve for time, usually. This is just one example.

What does structural formulas look like?

The chemical formula of hydrogen sulphide is H2S.

What do perfume formulas look like?

Here are a few example perfume formulas:

What is the locus of a moving point so that the distance between it and a line is equal to the distance between it and a fixed point?

It is going to look like a somewhat of a quadratic parabola.

What does it mean for a quadratic to have one solution?

Every quadratic equation has two solutions. If the quadratic expression that's equal to zero is a perfect square, then the two solutions are equal, and they look like one solution. Example: x2 - 6x + 9 = 0 (x - 3)(x - 3) = (x - 3)2 = 0 x = 3 and x = 3.