What does quarter act?

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The Quartering Act were used by the British forces in the American colonies to ensure that British troops had adequate housing and provisions.

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Q: What does quarter act?
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Info on the quartering act?

it cost a quarter he he he

List three ways parliament tried to tax the colonies?

stamp act, quarter act, and tea act

How do quarter horses act when they excited?

they will usually run and buck.

What was the qaurtering act?

the quartering act was when the admendent says u cant quarter soilders in a time of war

What is the quarter act?

its when us citizens had to pay for houses of british soldiers

How do Quarter horses act?

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Why were the colonists angered by the quartering act?

They were angered by the Quarter Act because it required them to house and feed British soldiers at their own expense.

What bad things did the british do in the American revolution?

the british taxed the colonists and passed laws such as the tea act, the sugar act and the quarter

How do quarter horses act when scared?

like any other horse... a spook is a spook

What are some of the things John Adams accomplished as President?

he did a lot of stuff like talk about the stamp act and the quarter act or sugar act he talk about these and he talkl to people to choose for him

How did british acts affect American colonies?

British Acts that caused the Revolutionary war are the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Townshend Acts, Quartering Act (no not a quarter), and the Tea Act. These acts caused rebellions and the bigger picture, the Revolutionary war.

The quartering act sugar act and stamp act are examples of?

These are Acts of the British Parliament imposing taxes and the requirement to quarter troops on the American colonies. They are sources of the conflict that lead to the American Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution.

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