What does runtime mean?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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actually the run time means at the time of executing the program. that means if you write a program and you compile it and you need to execute then during the compilation it is called compile time and during the execution it is called run time .

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Q: What does runtime mean?
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If you make a exe in vbnet can you run it on a system not having net framework like vb6 programs?

No, any program targeting the .Net runtime will require that version of the runtime that it was compiled against. Note that having the 3.0 runtime does not mean an application with the 1.1 runtime will work; it must be the same runtime compiled.

What does Microsoft Visual C plus plus Runtime Library mean?

The runtime library is a collection of routines that implements basic functionality of the platform. Routines such as I/O, memory control, startup, shutdown, common system functions, etc. are located in the runtime library.

What does a runtime error 3464 mean?

Runtime error 3464 might occur when a computer programmer or user is making a database in Microsoft Access. Normally, this runtime error message means that there is a data type disparity in the criteria expression or there exists a string/numeric variance in the code. And "Runtime error 3464:Datatype mismatch" is the most common error messages that users may come across.

When runtime error occurs?

At runtime.At runtime.At runtime.At runtime.

What is immediate super class of runtime exception?

If you mean Java's RuntimeException class, its parent class is java.lang.Exception

When was Moonlight - runtime - created?

Moonlight - runtime - was created on 2009-03-04.

What is the .NET framework used for?

The .Net framework serves as the runtime for applications that were built to target the Common Language Runtime.

How can one fix runtime errors?

There exists a variety of reasons on why a runtime error might occur. The easiest solution to fix the majority of runtime errors you experience is to download software that cleans and fixes your registry.

Microsoft visual c plus plus rumetime library runtime error cant access game?

runtime error

What is runtime in c?

when we execute the program.

What is the runtime for the movie iron man?

Iron Man has a runtime of 125 min (2 hrs 5mins) and is rated PG-13.

Difference between run time error and run time exception in java?

Runtime Error Cannot be Rectified but Runtime Exception can.