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the number of the beast

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Q: What does six six six mean to Catholics?
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Who are roaming Catholics?

Do you mean Roman Catholics?

What does moss mean to Catholics?

Moss has no significance to Catholics.

Did the Catholics deny the Holocaust?

No. The fact that some Catholics deny the Holocaust doesn't mean that all or most Catholics are Holocaust deniers.

What don't Roman Catholics believe in medicine?

I am not sure what you mean by your question. Catholics do 'believe' in medicine.

What do Catholics think about racism?

it was mean and disgarceful.

How are Christians and Catholics different?

There is no difference as Catholics are Christians, the original Christians. Now, if you mean "How are Catholics and Protestants different?" one could write volumes about that.

What do Catholics think about other countries?

As there are Catholics in practically every country in the world, I'm not sure what you mean by that question.

What are the differences between Irish Catholics and Catholics?

Irish Catholics are as Catholic as anyone else who professes the Catholic Faith. "Differences" might be found in particular devotions, saints and cultural customs that the Irish celebrate, but these are not so much differences as venues of expression.There isn't one. A catholic, is a catholic. Roman catholic is the catholism practised today, but it doesn't mean they're roman. Irish catholics are Roman catholics. American catholics are Roman catholics. Italian catholics are Roman catholics. It doesn't mean they're roman, but rome was where it origiated, that's why the pope lives there.

What does pax mean to Catholics?

Pax means peace in Latin.

What role did the religion play in New Hampshire?

There are six religions in New Hampshire. The six religions are Roman Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and Puritans.

What does Easter Duty mean for Catholics?

Catholics are required to receive Communion once a year between the liturgical time period surrounding Easter.

What does it mean if someone does not believe in the Sacrifice of the Mass?

It generally means that they are not Catholics.

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