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Finding the answer.

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Q: What does solve means?
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Related questions

Do solve mean add?

solve means workout the answer to a math question

What is the meaning of dissolve?

dissolve means to un solve something or not to solve the question

What does calculate means?

it means to work out or solve using math

What word means to decide or to solve?

to solve could be analyze or identify

How do you solve integers?

There is no such thing as "solving integers". You can solve an equation, which means finding all the unknowns in that equation, but you can't solve an integer.

What does solve mean in math?

It means...Try to get the answer.

What word means to figure out what something is?

Solve -_-

What does SOLVE stand for in math?

"Solve an equation" means "find out, for which values of the variable or variables is the equation true".

What dose dilemma mean?

Dilemma means like you have a problem and you have to solve it so you solve the problem in that bit of story.

What does it mean to evaluate in math?

It means to solve the problem.

Does being a mathematician means that you have to be able to solve everything?


What does 'figure it out' mean?

It means work it out as in solve a problem.

What is a five letter word tht means to answer?


How do you solve routine problem?

By means of routine methods and procedures.

What does resolver mean in spanish?

It means to solve a problem or something.

Tell what it means to solve an equation?

To find how big your stick is.

What does to figure out the answer mean?

It means to have a question and to figure it out to solve the question.

What word means a puzzle that is almost impossible to solve?


How do you solve systems with no solutions?

By definition, you cannot. To solve means to find an answer or solution to a problem or a question. If there is no solution you cannot find one.

What is the meaning of the idiom work itself out?

It means that whatever it is will solve itself.

What word means a piece of evidence that helps solve a problem?


What does it mean to ''solve a triangle''?

It means to find all of its sides and angles.

What does it mean iron it out idiom?

Iron it out means to solve a problem or disagreement.

What does pooded mean?

Pooded means to solve a complicated math problem.

How do you solve absolute-value equations and inequalites?

Absolute Value means the distance from 0, and so you should solve the equation with the number inside the Absolute Value lines as a positive and then solve again as a negative.