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speed is distance divided by time Miles per hour velocity is distance divided by time for a given direction so it is direction sometimes known as a vector. so VECTOR

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Q: What does speed divided by velocity equal?
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What is formula for speed?

Velocity is equal to the change in distance divided by the change in time. Speed is the magnitude of velocity

When is speed equal to magnitude of velocity?

Speed is equal to the magnitude of velocity almost always. Speed is total distance / total time no matter which way the distance goes. Velocity is the distance from a starting point divided by total time.

When average velocity and average speed is equal?

For the instantaneous value of average velocity, average speed and average velocity are equal.

Is momentum equal to the mass of an object divided bi its velocity?

No, momentum is not equal to the mass of an object divided by its velocity.

When do the velocity and speed of moving body become equal?

The magnitude of the velocity is always equal to the speed. But velocity is a vector quantity (has a magnitude and direction) while speed is just a scalar quantity (only magnitude). So velocity and speed are never equal.

Why is the absolute value of velocity equal to speed?

Velocity is a vector. The magnitude of the velocity - its absolute value - is its speed.

Acceleration is equal to what?

Answer: speed divided by time Answer: Acceleration = dv/dt, that is, the rate of change of velocity, with respect to time. In other words, how fast does velocity change.

Can a body have velocity and speed equal?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! A body can have equal velocity and speed at the same time. for suppose a body is travelling at 20m/s in north direction then the speed of the body is also equal to 20m/s. hence speed and velocity are equal in this case.

When is speed equal to the magnitude of velocity?

That is the case when you are talking about instantaneous speed and velocity - or when the velocity is constant. In the case of an average speed and velocity, this relation does not hold.

What is acceleration velocity and speed?

Speed is (distance covered) divided by (time taken to cover the distance).Velocity is a speed and its direction.Acceleration is any change of velocity.

When do speed and velocity become equal?

speed and velocity becomes equal when a body is moving on a straight road without changing its direction.

Is acceleration equal to initial velocity minus the final velocity divided by the time?

No, It is the average velocity.

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