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It tells you which number, when multiplied by itself, will give you the number you started with.

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Q: What does square root tell you?
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What is the number two called in the square root?

what? are you trying to tell me ''what is the square root of 2'' well if that is a yes than the square root of 2 is 1.4142136

How can you tell whether a square root of a whole number is rational or irrational?

If the whole number is a perfect square, its square root is rational. If not, it's not.

How can you tell when to put the 'positive and negative' sign when you square root something?

The square root is generally positive or negative and it is only the context of the question that will tell you whether it is the positive root or the negative root. For example, if you are solving for the lengths of the sides of a square, a negative measure makes no sense so it must be the positive root.

To find square root of 44100?

The square root of 44,100 = ± 210can u explain this...tell mein the procedure of finding the square root


Basically, each number is the square root of its square. So, if you square 59, the result will tell you what number you need to take the square root of, to get 59.

Is there a square root of 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000?

Yes, every positive real number has a real square root. If you would write your number in scientific notation, I could tell you what the root is.

What is proof of value of square root?

If I tell you that the square root of 2 (for example) is such-and-such, you can verify this by multiplying the number by itself, and seeing whether the result is close to 2.

What is the square root of the square root of the square root of pi?

The square root of the square root of the square root of something is called the 8th root. The 8th root of pi is approximately 1.15383506784999.

What is the square root of the square root of 2?

The square root of the square root of 2

What is the square root of 4x?

We use the property of square roots that says the square root of (ab)=square root (a) multiplied by square root of b So square root (4x)=square root (4) mutiplies by square root of x =2(square root (x)) 2sqrt(x)

Square root 2 times square root 3 times square root 8?

square root 2 times square root 3 times square root 8

How to get the square root of 2?

Please tell me in which computer language you want the answer.

What square root property is essential to solve any radical equation involving square root?

If you take an equation such as Ax2+ Bx+c=0, you can complete the square and then use the square root property to solve it. That is how we derive the quadratic equation. For example, x2+2x-9=0 We write this as (x+1)2=10 bu completing the square then the square root property tell us that x+1 is PLUS OR MINUS Square root of 10

What is cos 45 degree?

Usually you can get the sine or cosine of an angle from a calculator very quickly. However, many calculators won't tell you that the result, which is about 0.707, is exactly 1 / square root of 2, or the equivalent square root of 2 / 2.

What is the square root of square root's square root?

The 8th root

What is the square root of 20 in radical form?

square root of 20 = square root of 4X5=square root of 4 X square root of 5=2*square root of 5.

What does a non-square root mean?

It doesn't mean anything. If you've actually seen the term used by a mathematician (which I doubt), you might be able to determine from context what it means, but without that context it's pointless to even try."Square root" has a specific meaning, but "non-square root" could mean that the number in question is not a square root (ludicrous... every number is the square root of something), or that it's not the square root of a given number (an almost equally useless concept), or that it's a root of some kind but not a square root (just tell us what kind of root it is. Cube? Fourth?).

What is the difference between principal square root and perfect square root?

A principal square root is any square root that's answer is positive, and a perfect square root is a square root that's answer is an integer.

What is the square root of -24?

The square root of -24 is the same thing as the square root of -1, times the square root of 24. So, the square root of -1 is called 'i'. and the square root of 24 is equal to 2 times the square root of 6. Therefore, the square root of -24 is equal to: 2i* square root of 6.

Is the square root of 12.1 a rational number or irrational number?

irrational square root of 121 = 11 square root of 1.21 = 1.1 square root of 12.1 = 3.47...

Simplify square root of 5 Times Square root of 6?

Square root of 5 time square root of 6 is the same as square root of 5 x 6, that is, square root of 30.

Is the square root of 25 a rational number?

The square root of 25 is 5 ... rational.

What is the square root of a square that has no root?

It's not a square if it has no root. If a number is a square then, by definition, it MUST have a square root. If it did not it would not be a square.

What numbers are always irrational?

the square root of 3, the square root of 5, the square root of 6, the square root of 7, the square root of 8 etc

What is the square root of 20 in simplest form?

square root of 20 = square root of 4 * square root of 5. square root of 4 = 2, so your answer is 2 square root of 5.