Some irrational numbers

Updated: 4/28/2022
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square root of (2 )

square root of (3 )

square root of (5 )

square root of (6 )

square root of (7 )

square root of (8 )

square root of (9 )

square root of (10 )

" e "

" pi "

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Q: Some irrational numbers
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Related questions

Are irrational numbers negative?

Not necessarily. Negatives can be rational or irrational - each one is the same as its positive counterpart.

Are some integers irrational numbers?

Integers are whole numbers, therefore they are not irrational

Are some irrational numbers not real?

No. Irrational numbers by definition fall into the category of Real Numbers.

Why are some numbers irrational?

There are numbers which cannot be expressed as ratios of two integers. These are called irrational numbers.

Is 1.68 irrational?

no. irrational numbers are square roots of numbers that aren't square, pi, and some other numbers. irrational means it never ends.

Can some numbers be rational and irrational?

No. The intersection of the two sets is null. Irrational numbers are defined as real numbers that are NOT rational.

Are some irrational numers integers?

No. Irrational numbers cannot be integers.

How do use irrational numbers in a sentence?

Pi and the square root of two are irrational numbers.

Why are some of the cubes rational and irrational?

The cubes of all rational numbers will be rational. But the cubes of irrational numbers can be either.

When is irrational numbers used in modern jobs?

Irrational numbers are used in some scientific jobs. Commonly used irrational numbers are pi, e, and square roots of different numbers. Of course, if an actual numerical result has to be calculated, the irrational number is rounded to some rational (usually decimal) approximation.

Some rational numbers can be irrational numbers?

No, rational number are ones that can be written as a/b where a and b are integers. Irrational numbers are those real number that are NOT rational.

What are some non examples of irrational numbers?