What does sum ego mean?

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I am a house.

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Q: What does sum ego mean?
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Related questions

What does the Latin phrase of Ego Sum Fabula mean in English?

I (Ego) am (sum) a story (fabula).

What does ego sum do mus mean?

I am a house.

What does ego sum domus mean?

I am a house.

What does Ego Sum Pastor Bonus mean?

I am the good shepherd

What does ego sum patris filia mean?

"I am the daughter of my/a father."

What does Ego vita sum means in English?

ego vita sum means i am alive in english. ego means I. vita means alive. sum means am. Ego Bonus pectus!!!

How would you say i am a farmer in Latin?

agricola sum, or sum agricola, or ego sum agricola agricola = farmer sum = I am ego = I

What is the English translation of ego sum patronus?

Ego sum patronus translates to "I am your patron/defender."

What does ego sum via veritas y vita mean in English?

I'm guessing you pulled this out of an old bible hymnal or something. It means, "I am (sum) the way (via) the truth (veritas) and (y) the life (vita)." Ego is thrown in as an emphasis on the "I" in sum.

What does 'Ego sum Vinco mea fortuna Ego sum caput mei animi' mean?

The English meaning of 'Ego sum. Vinco mea fortuna. Ego sum caput mei animi' is I am. I conquer my fortune. I am the head of my soul. In the word-by-word translation, the personal pronoun 'ego' means 'I'. The verb 'sum' means '[I] am'. The verb 'vinco' means ''[I] am conquering, conquer, do conquer'. The possessive adjective 'mea' means 'my'. The noun 'fortuna' means 'fortune'. The noun 'caput' means 'head'. The possessive adjective 'mei' means 'of my'. The noun ''animi' means 'of the soul'.

How do you say i am you and you are me in Latin?

ego sum tu, et tu es ego

How do you say I am light in Latin?

Light as in the opposite of dark? Then it would be "Sum lux." "Ego sum lux" is also appropriate. Light as in the opposite of heavy? Then it would be "Sum levis" (or "Ego sum levis)."

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