What does ten after one mean?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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It means you have to leave at 1:10 pm, assuming they don't want you to leave in the middle of the night. The little hand on the clock is at the 1, and big hand is at the 2.

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Q: What does ten after one mean?
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Does one million ten mean one million ten thousand dollars?

"One million ten" can be written as 1,000,010. "One million ten thousand" can be written as 1,010,000. They are very different numbers and do not mean the same.

What does 1 out of 10 mean?

one out of ten means ; * one tenth * 0.1 * 1 out of ten pieces or * one out of ten.

What is the working for the mean of ten numbers is 58 if one of the number is 40.what is the mean of the other nine?

he mean of ten numbers is 58. If one of the numbers is 40, what is the mean of the other nine?

Does one in ten mean the same as nine to one against?

no it does not

What are seven numbers with mean of ten?

Here's a clue. Ten needs to be one of the numbers.

What do you mean by ten-thousand?

The number 10,000 or the number one thousand ten times.

How do you write fifty one ten thousand in standard form?

It is not clear what you mean by fifty one ten thousand. Ten thousand and fifty one is a number, also written as 10,051. Or you may mean 51 x 10,000 which equals 510,000. Or perhaps you mean something else.

What is Karen Masters on a scale of one to ten?

Do you mean WHERE on the scale?

What does the expression top ten mean?

It means that your one of the best.

How many hundreds are in one ten thousand?

if you mean 110000 then 1100 if you mean 10000 then 1000

What does one minute of patience ten years of peace mean?

my butt

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It mean one hundred and twenty four. That is one lot of one hundred, two lots of ten and four lots of one.