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The product refers to multiplication. So the product of 5 and 2 means 5 x 2, which is 10. Then 10 - 10 is zero.

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Q: What does ten minus the product of 5 and 2 mean?
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What does generated revenue mean?

"Revenue" is all the money made off a product before taxes and expenditures are taken into account. For example, if you sell a product for $10, your revenue is $10. Tax is $0.70, and say you spent $2 just to make the product. Your PROFIT is ten minus two minus seventy-cents. Do not confuse REVENUE with PROFIT. They are different.

What is the product of 6 minus 2?

The product of 6 and -2 is -12.

What is ten minus negative two?

10 minus -2 is 12.

What is minus ten plus twelve?

-10 + 12 = 2

What is three over five minus two over ten?

3/5 minus 2/10 is 2/5

What is the product of 2 and 9 minus the sum of 2 and 9?


What is the product of (9x-8y)(9x 8y)?

If you mean (9x-8y)(9x+8y) then it is 81x^2 minus 64y^2

What is ten Minus a negative two?

10 - -2 = 12

What is ten thirds minus one?

2 and 1/3

2 over 5 minus 1 over ten?

2/5 = 4/10 minus 1/10 is 3/10

What is the product of 5 minus 2 and one third?


What is 5 minus the product of 2 and a number?

5 - 2n

7 minus the product of 2 and x?

7 - 2x

What does to the minus mean?

You asked about "to the minus" so we will talk about integers to the minus. Such as 2 to the minus 2. This means 1 over 2 to the positive two. In general a to the minus b is 1/a to the b

What is 4 and three-ten minus 2 and four-fith?


What is the product of a plus 3 times a - 2?


What is minus ten to the second power?

(-10) raised to 2 = 100

What is ten minus two and one third?

7 and 2 thirds

What is negative ten minus positave two?

-10 - 2 = -12

Is product is plus or minus?

if 2 positive numbers are multiplied, then the product is positive. if 2 negative numbers are multiplied, the product is positive. if a positive and a negative number are multiplied, the product is negative.

What is this in a word phrase 2 minus the product of 3 and p?


What is half minus one over ten?

1/2 − 1/10 = 2/5

What is ten minus three?

Seven (7)

The difference of the product of 3 and m minus the quotient of m divided by 2?


How do you write the product of a number and 9 minus 2?

n*(9 - 2) = 2*7 = 7n