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Charlie makes jingles

Alan makes complaints

Jake makes excuses.

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Q: What does the actors of two and one half men make?
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How much do the supporting actors make on two and one half men?

$ 2000 to $ 10000 per espisode

How many commercials are during a two and half men episode?

There is two commercial breaks in a two and a half men episode. One in the middle, one at the end.

If 4 men dug a hole in a week how long did it take for 2 men to dig half the hole?

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What is Alan's occupation on Two and one half men?


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How much do ALL the actors make on Two and a half men?

I don't know what each and every one of the actors make, but I can tell you what I do know. Angus Jones (Jake) - 300.000 dollars per episode. Jon Cryer (Alan) - 550.000 dollars per episode. Charlie Sheen (Charlie) - 1.780.000 dollars per episode.

When is the last show of two and a half men?

Two and a Half Men will air a one-hour series finale on Thursday, February 19, 2015.

Who is Kandi on Two and a Half Men?

The actor that plays "Kandi" in Two and a Half Men is April Bowlby. And she is one hot lady in that show :D

Do you have a pictue of chester the Great Dane that was in one episode on two and one half men?


What actress plays Judith on Two and One-half men?


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