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primary account 33% secondary account 50%; there are plenty of secondary accounts; so its a good place to start; what you collect; you get 50%; most secondary collection agency collects in low teens; double digit; some single digit; so?; if you think you can do better than that; go for it; you need to know fair debt collection practices act; its law tells you want you can canot do; in nut shell?; you can't tell about the debt to 3rd party if debtor is over 18; without debtor's consent; 2 you cannot publish it on newspaper; or post card; you cannot call after 9 pm; or befor 9am; of debor's time; you cannot keep calling back; its considered harrasement; >> learn to let go; there are other accounts; learn to make debtor feel guilty; by arguing moral standard; most effective; on secondary accounts; if debtor jerks you around move on; if you don't know how to handle it; piece of cake; walk in the park; you only good as yesterday;

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Q: What does the average recovery business make per year roughly?
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