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'IN' stands for 'innings' and is usually seen in a line of statistics for a pitcher.

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Q: What does the baseball statistic IN mean?
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What does the baseball statistic A mean?

It is a defensive statistic that stands for "Assists"

What does the baseball statistic PO mean?

Put Out *Pickoff

What does the baseball statistic OBP mean?

On-base percentage.

What does the baseball statistic GP mean?

In baseball GP stands for Games Played.

What does the baseball statistic ROE mean?

ROE Reached On Error

What does the baseball statistic DP mean?

Double play. When two runners are out with one ball.

What does TB mean on a baseball card?

If it's an abbreviation for a statistic, it stands for Total Bases.

What does the baseball statistic GB mean?

It means "games behind". It is used to show how many games a team is behind the leader.

What does TB mean in fantasy baseball?

Well as a statistic it would mean total bases, which is pretty self explanatory. It could also be short for Tampa Bay

Where can one download baseball statistic software?

You can download baseball statistic software from the STATA website or the ballstat website. Not all baseball statistic software is free, however, and you may have to pay in order to use the software.

What does it mean if a black wolf is confronting you?

your about to become a statistic.

Why mean are used in statistic to interpret data?


What does the hockey statistic PL mean?

Points Leader

What does the statistic tk mean in hockey?

tremendous kills

When is the mean not a valid statistic to describe a set of data?

The population data may be skewed and thus the mean is not a valid statistic. If mean > median, the data will be skewed to the right. If median > mean, the data is skewed to the left.

What is RBI in sports?

It's an acronym for a baseball statistic: Runs Batted In.

What does RE stand for in baseball stats?

I do not believe there is an "RE" statistic in baseball. There is an "ER" stats and that refers to "Earned Runs".

What does sc mean in a baseball stat?

I've never seen that stat. I figured maybe I was just missing something or not thinking straight, so I checked several baseball statistic references. I can't find that stat listed on any of them.

What does a negative f statistic mean?

the populations have an excess of heterozygotes

Where can one find Baseball statistic software online?

There are a number of baseball statistic software programs online. Some of these software programs include 'Bat AVG', 'Score Booth', 'Score Monster' and 'Turbo Stats'.

Who invented the OPS baseball statistic?

Generally thought to be Pete Palmer with John Thorn in The Hidden Game of Baseball (1984)

A Numerical Measure from a Sample Such as a Sample Mean Is Known?

sample statistic

In mayor league baseball what does the stat for pitchers the whip mean?

WHIP is a pitcher's statistic that means the pitchers walks (W), plus hits (H) allowed per innings pitched (IP).

What are the example of inferential statistics?

Mean, variance, t-statistic, z-score, chi-squared statistic, F-statistic, Mann-Whitney U, Wilcoxon W, Pearson's correlation and so on.

What does BSRN mean in baseball stats?

No such category in baseball.