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Q: What does the expression fill your bucket list mean?
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What does the expression share your bucket list mean?

A "bucket list" is a slang term from a movie. It's a list one character made of things he wanted to do before he "kicked the bucket" or died. Sharing your list means you let someone else see your list and help you to do the things on it before you die.

What does 'bucket list' mean?

A bucket list is a list of things such as activites that you are going to do before you die.

What does expression a list of laundry mean?

I Laundry list means a long list

What does factor each algebraic expression mean?

For each of a list of algebraic expressions, find one or more common factors and factorise the expression.

What do people mean when they ask how is your bucket?

Are you a little pale. This is a play on the word pail, which is a bucket.

What does kick the bucket mean?

It means to die. The origin seems to be someone standing on a bucket to hang themselves, then kicking away the bucket.

What is meant by hit the bucket?

It means that you threw or shot something and hit a bucket.Do you perhaps mean KICK the bucket? To "kick the bucket" is an idiom that means to die.

Homonyms for a bucket - dim or colourless?

a bucket = a pail dim or colorless = pale

What does for crying in a bucket mean?

Think about this. Imagine you're crying really hard. You cry so much that your handkerchief is soaked. You need something else to catch your tears, so you grab a bucket! If you cry enough to fill up a bucket -- let alone several of them! -- then you're really doing some crying.

What does Seau mean in french?

Un seau is a bucket.

What does haringey mean in Anglo saxon?

"Haringey" is not an Anglo-Saxon word. It is actually a place name in London, UK, derived from the Old English words "haering" meaning "the settlement of Haeringa's people" and "hege" meaning "enclosure."

What does lex tua lux mean?

wank in a bucket