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It means "ready to do a favour"

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Q: What does the expression much obliged mean?
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What does much obliged mean?

It means "Thank You". To be obliged is to owe an obligation, a debt. "Much obliged" is a cut down form of "I am much obliged to you" which means "I owe you one" which is another way of saying "Thank You."

What are the release dates for Much Obliged - 1917?

Much Obliged - 1917 was released on: USA: June 1917

What it means when someone says much ablage instead of Thank you?

The term is "much obliged".Much obliged means that whatever was done is appreciated

What are the ratings and certificates for I'm Much Obliged - 1936?

I'm Much Obliged - 1936 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

What actors and actresses appeared in Much Obliged - 1917?

The cast of Much Obliged - 1917 includes: Rod La Rocque Ernest Maupain Virginia Valli

What does the expression hee haw mean?

Pretty much the opposite of when a horse hedonks

What is another way of saying I am glad you like it?

Much Obliged

What Other words used for thank you?

undying gratitude- much obliged

What does the expression Nui Loa mean?

"Nui Loa" is a Hawaiian expression that means "very much" or "a lot." It is often used to emphasize something or to express gratitude or love.

How can you use the word obliged in a sentence?

I'm much obliged for the ride. Mr. Weems will oblige us with a song. I'll do anything within reason to oblige.

What does it mean to evalutate the expression?

Replace each variable in the expression by its value and then find the value of the expression.

What is impassive expression?

Well impassive means having, or revealing, no emotion; Still or motionless. So impassive expression should mean that the person isn't showing much emotion