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What does the little 2 mean in math?

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I think you mean the symbol for the power to which a number is raised. The two is called "squared"- that is when a number is multiplied times itself- 3 squared is 9. You will also see the small 3- "Cubed"- number times itself, times itself. 3 cubed is 27- 3x3x3.

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4 + (11 - 3 )

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Q: What does the little 2 mean in math?
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the little numbers are called exponents. Do you mean this? 32. this is an exponent. (the little 2)

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what does quotient mean in math

Does the little two in math mean multiply by two?

well for example if you had 2 to the power of 2 then you would multiply it two times. 2 times 2 = 4

What is an impresion in math?

If you mean expression, then an expression is a math problem like 2 multiplyed by 2 or 9-2+3

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What does math ratio mean?

A math ratio means 2 separate parts of a fraction.

Who was bad in math when a little kid?

Almost everybody. I mean, I'm pretty sure the answer is supposed to be "Albert Einstein" or someone like that, but really, who cares? What math means when you're a "little kid" is basic arithmetic, which has very little to do with what "math" means at a college level.

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In math what does and mean?

And means to add, like 2 and 2 is 4 (2+2=4)

What does metal math mean?

It simply means math in your head (generally simple math, i.e. 3+4, 6/2, etc.).

What does quart mean in math terms?

It means 2 pints

What Does Half Mean In Math?

divide by 2 (or multiply by 0.5)

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its only 2 years go 4 it little kid: If as you say the "little kid" goes "4" it that would mean to say they are now 13 and 11 if you do the math correct?? lol

What is the math sign for square feet?

ft with a little 2 next to it The 2 being like an exponent.

How the results of 0x1 2-1 x0?

In order to get the results of 0x1*2-1*x0 you will have to do a little math. The answer to this math problem is X equals one.

What does the little 5 mean in math?

If you mean this little five 45 it means four taken to the fifth power. If it was two instad of five it would mean the number squared, if three the number cubed.

What does length mean in math?

What does length mean in math

What is the mean of 3 2 5 4 1 IN MATH?


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It is: (7+11)/2 = 9

What does index form mean in maths?

Index form in math means exponents. For example: 2x2x2x2x2x2 will be changed to 2 to the 6th power (2 with the little 6 on the top right.) Hope i helped.☺♥

The word mean in math?

The word "mean" in math means the average of several numbers. To get the average 1. add all the numbers together 2. divide the sum of the numbers by how many numders there were. ex. 1. 1+2+3=6 2. 6/3 =2 so 2 is the mean

What does comparison mean in math?

in math