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The word "personification" means giving things such as machines, animals, everyday items, etc; human traits. For example, the ability to talk for an animal, eyes on a car such as in the movie "Cars". I hope this answers your question.

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Q: What does the meaning of personification mean?
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What is the meaning and example of personification?


What is accidental personification?

It is personification without meaning to use personification

What is the meaning behind the word personification?

The word behind personification is part of a literature term which means it can be used to described an animal or rather a human. It also can mean an imaginary creature or person.

What is the meaning of personification and an example of personification?

personification is giving human qualities to an object, animal, or idea. Ex: The city stretched, yawned, and fell asleep.

What does the phrase personification of class mean in this sentence In his tuxedo he was the personification of class?

Noun. A+

What does the thunder is an angry giant mean?

it is personification, meaning that it sounds loud and very mad, and seems huge because it is so loud and stretches across the sky

What does divided house mean in figurative language?


Can you have the meaning of personification?

Personification means when you make a non-living thing do something only humans can do. For example, ''The chair moaned in complaint as the heavy man sat on it. ''

What is the meaning to ironing by Gary soto?

the meaning of this poem is to show others a great use of personification , also the feelings of the iron.

What does personification mean in literary terms?

personification is the act of giving a non-human human traits. ex: the flower looked sad. why it's personification: flowers have no emotions meaning: the flower was probably droopy and dull, making it appear to be sad, even though flowers have no true emotions.

What does it mean when they say uncle Sam is a personification of the US?


Personification in book the slave dancer?

mean an rude