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Clear, it's Latin.

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Q: What does the name Claire mean ...C- L- A- I- R- E?
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What is a female name with 6 letters starting with c ending with E has 3 consonants and 3 vowels?

Claire, Cherie, Connie

What are the notes for Au Claire De La Lune for the clarinet?

The notes for "Au Claire de la Lune" on the clarinet are typically in the key of D major and include D, E, F#, G, A, B, and high D. The melody follows a simple and repetitive pattern that is easy to play for beginner clarinetists.

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What city in Wisconsin name starts with an E?

· Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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what c u m sucking w h o r e

How do you say plain in french?

simple - ordinaire - claire No its plaine just add the e and say plane i mean plan e the E is like a

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What does au Claire de lune mean?

By the light of the moon. In the moonlight.(Also, the noun clair does not have an e.)