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There is no such thing as the product of just one number, a product is when 2 or more numbers are multiplied. The product of a number and another number means the answer you get when you multiply the two.

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Q: What does the product of a number mean?
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What do a product of a number mean?

A product of a number is the answer for a multiplication problem.

What do each number mean or how to read a serial number?

If you mean a serial number on some product, it depends on what the product is. Each company can makes serial numbers mean anything they want it too.

What does a product number mean?

a product number is a number that has two number multiplied to get that number. THANK YOU for choosing, have a good day or night

What is the product of 3 and a number which is then subtracted from the product of 12 and a number?

It could mean: 12x-3x = 9x

In math what does the word multiple mean?

It mean the product of a given whole number and another whole number.

What does produt mean in math?

When you multiply a number x a number, the product is what you get. :-)

In maths what is the product of an number mean?

It means the answer to a multiplication question

What is a term in math mean?

A term is a number or the product of a number and variable(s).

What is the product of eight cubed?

"Eight cubed" is the number 512. I'm not sure what you mean by "the product".

What is the answer of a multiplication number called?

I think you mean a product. For example, 2 times 2 has a product of 4?

What does a purchase reference number mean?

helps to identify a product

What does product mean in a maths way?

The product is the answer to a multiplication problem i.e. the number we get after multiplying two numbers is called their product for ex. in 7x4=28 The product is 28

What does product of a number mean?

It is meaningless. You need at least two numbers to get a product. E.g., the product of x and y is xy (x times y).

What does 010011001001 mean?

that means a code or serial number of some product

What does to factor mean?

It means "to express a number or expression as a product of factors."

The square root of the product of two numbers is the of the number?

Geometric mean

What does product mean in math's?

A "product" is the result of a multiplication. For example, in: 3 x 4 = 12 The number 12 is the product.

What does product mean in math wise?

The product is the answer you get when you multiply two numbers. The two numbers are called factors. The number the factors make when you multiply them is called the product

What does prime fatorization mean?

To express a composite number as the product of its prime factors.

4 is the geometric mean of 1 and what number?

16. Geometric mean of two numbers is the square root of their product.

What does the product mean in mathematical terms?

The product is the number found when two numbers are multiplied. Ex: Q:What is the product of 2 and 3? A: 6 is the product

What does the lot number of a medication product mean?

Lot numbers are assigned to products by manufacturers and are a useful reference if adverse reactions occur. In these cases, this number may be needed for product investigations and recalls.

What does the word multiplicative identity mean in math?

Multiplicative Identity states that the product of any number and one is the number itself.

Why any prime numbers and composite number always be a composite number?

If you mean the product, that's by definition. A composite number has smaller factors. If you multiply two positive integers, none of which is 1, together, then it follows that the product has smaller factors - namely, the numbers you multiplied together.

Product of two and a number?

The product of two and a number depends on the number.