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tending to repel or fail to mix with water.

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What is the term for molecules that do not readily associate with water?


What is the term given to something that is repelled by water?


What term may be use to describe a substance that is hydrophobic?

A term that may be used to describe a substance that is hydrophobic is non polar. Non polar things are repelled by water.

What is the medical terminology for'hydrophobic'?

Rabid is the medical term for hydrophobic, and rabies is the medical term for hydrophobia.

What term may be used to describe a substance that is hydrophobic?

non polar

Are triglycerides hydrophobic?

Yes they are. This is because they are a lipid. Lipids consist of oils, waxes and fats which are not soluble in water hence the term hydrophobic (water fearing)

Is cholesterol hydrophobic or hydrophobic?


What is the term for a molecule having both a hydrophilic and hydrophobic region called?


What is a term referring to water fearing or non water soluble substances?


Is hydrocarbon a hydrophobic?


Does the plasma membrane have hydrophobic heads and hydrophobic tails?

No, as the head is not hydrophobic, it is actually hydrophilic. However, the tail is hydrophobic.

What is a term refering to water-fearing or non-water soluble substances?


What term means water hating?

Being hydrophobic means to hate water or to have a fear of water.

Is Triglycerides hydrophobic or hydrophilic?


Is vitamin A hydrophobic or hydrophilic?


What is hydrophobic and how do you determine if a molecule is hydrophobic?

Hydrophobic means that the molecule is repelled by water. You can tell if a molecule is hydrophobic by the way the atoms are arranged.

Is olive oil hydrophilic or hydrophobic?

no, its hydrophobic

Are hydrocarbons hydrophobic or hydrophilic?

Hydrocarbons are hydrophobic.

Is vegetable oil hydrophilic or hydrophobic?


Is the phosphate group hydrophobic or hydrophilic?


Are non polar molecules hydrophobic?

They are hydrophobic.

Hydrophillic and hydrophobic?

Hydrophillic is water loving. Hydrophobic is water avoidance. Generally oils are hydrophobic.

Is nylon fiber hydrophobic or hydrophilic?

Nylon is a hydrophobic material.

What is characteristics of hydrophobic solution?

The meaning of hydrophobic is which rejects water, which cannot be wetted; solids are hydrophobic not liquids.

What is the term for the large non polar hydrocarbon end of a soap?

This could be called the "hydrophobic end" of the soap molecule.