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Answer AnswerThese are words that a potential employer will use to search the resume database. In other words, you might want to list "electronics", "software", "Java" and "C++" as keywords if you want an employer to know that you are proficient in those areas. Answer Answerit is a way of searching for a resume online. its a faster, easier way to look for it when you dont know the name of it, you type in wordds that have to do with the resume, or phrases that may be in it, And could me that you are gay.
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Q: What does the term keyword mean as it applies to an e-resume?
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What does the ter keyword mean as it applies to an e-resume?

The term keyword means something that will stick out to an employer while they are reading your resume. Words like experience, master, excellent, and great can be used when describing your skills and work history.

What does the term 'keyword' mean as it applies to an electronic resume?

When your resume may be one of many, it is recommended that you use keywords related to the position that will stand out to a potential HR representative or employer. For example, for a sales position, one might enter the keywords "increased sales" or "increased profits".

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