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the exponent is a negative

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Q: What does the term negative exponent mean in math?
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What is an 8 letter math term beginning with the letter E?


Definition of Base as math term?

The base number is the the number that is being repeatedlymultiplied in exponent problems. Example: 32 _ three is the base and two is the exponent

What is a synonym for opposite in a math term?


Can a term in a math equation be a negative?

Yes, it can.

What do you mean by variables exponent in the degree of term?

i am not sure

In math term what does reorder mean?

what does the term reorder mean in math

Does the math term ratio mean multiply?

No, the math term ratio doesn't mean multiply.

What is the math term when a numeral is placed above and to the right of that numeral?

If you mean for example 83 then 8 is the base and 3 is the exponent and it means 8*8*8 = 512

If the coefficient of the expression axn is a fraction and the exponent is positive will the expression be a polynomial?

Not necessarily. Every exponent in the exponent must be a non-negative integer. This is not what you have specified. For example, if n = 3.5, it is not a term in a polynomial expression.

Can monomials have negative exponents?

Monomials can have negative exponents, if the term for the exponent is not a variable, but if it is a variable with a negative exponent, the whole expression will not be classified. This is so because the definition of a monomial states that, a monomial can be a product of a number and one or more variables with positive integer exponents. I hope that answered your question!

How do you express x to the power of negative 2 as a fraction?

a negative exponent simply indicates that the term is the reciprocal of the given value. x to the power of negative 2 is 1/x^2

What does value of term mean in math?

mean: average

What does cardinal mean?

it is a math term

What is the math term for average?

the mean

What does the math term 'solution' mean?

its the answer.

Math term for integers?

Integer is a mathematical term to define the set of whole numbers both positive and negative

What does the word distribute mean in math?

its mean like well its a math term its like distrubed fractions

What does term to term mean in maths?

it means more like meanings EX:what does mean mean in math meanings or what does mean mean in math terms . so its more like a different way to say it

What does the math term mental math mean?

calculating mentally, usually arithmetic

Does the term 'mean' mean least in math?

No, it means average.

What does the term numeral mean in math?

"Numeral" is another term for "number."

Whats does constant term mean in math?

A constant is a term that has no variables.

What does the math term exterior mean?


What does biased mean in math term?

My mom

What is the math term for the word mean?