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Circumference is like the perimeter of a circle.

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Q: What does the word circumference mean in math terms?
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What does the word reduce mean in math?

in math terms reduce means to simplify

What does the word natural numbers mean in math terms?

not negative

What does power mean in math terms?

The word power is another word for exponents

What does the word increased in a math problem mean?

The word increased in a math problem means you are adding to terms or numbers.

What math word starts with c?


What does the word chord mean in math?

A segment inside a circle with end points that lie in the circumference.

What does attributes mean in math terms?

"Attributes" is another word for properties.

What does the word factor mean in math terms?

a number that can go into another number.

What is a good sentence with the word circumference?

Today in our math class, we had to find the circumference of a circle.

What does the word and mean in math terms?

Usually addition. 4 and 3 = 4 + 3

What does the word minimum mean in math terms?

the smallest numberIt means the smallest number

What does minus mean in math terms?

Its another word for subtracting one number from the other.

What does And mean in math terms?

"And" usually refers to the process of addition. It can be another word for "plus."

What does the word palindrome mean in math terms?

A number that reads the same backwards and forwards.

What does the word ''Calculus'' mean in Math?

In basic terms, Calculus is Differentiation and Integration And all things associated with that.

What does the word edges mean in math terms?

Edges are one dimensional objects where two planes meet.

What does the word reduce fractions mean in math?

It means to reduce fractions to their lowest terms as for example 4/8 = 1/2 in its lowest terms

What does the word variable in math terms mean?

A symbol, usually a letter, that is used to represent 1 or more numbers

What is a mill in math terms?

I am not sure if this is what you mean but a mill is sometimes a short word for a million. One million- 1,000,000

What math word starts with c''?

· compound interest · calculus · circumference · compute · cosine

What does the word key in math's vocabulary mean?

what does key mean in math

What does the word evaluate means in math terms?

Get a number or value.

What does the mathematic word circumference mean?

It is the perimeter of a circle

What does vertices mean in math terms?

its somthing that's in math * * * * * Given that the question asked what it meant in MATH terms, the answer is extremely illuminating! A vertex (plural vertices), is a point where two or more lines (edges) of a shape meet. A more common word for vertex is corner.

What does the word partition mean in math?