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Mathematically, an inverse is an opposite, it is something that reverses what its inverse does, for example, addition and subtraction are inverse functions, as are multiplication and division. The inverse of a fraction is obtained by exchanging numerator and denominator; the inverse of a half is two.

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Q: What does the word inverse mean in math terms?
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What does the word inverse mean in math?

The opposite of

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in math terms reduce means to simplify

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The word increased in a math problem means you are adding to terms or numbers.

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not negative

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Circumference is like the perimeter of a circle.

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Usually addition. 4 and 3 = 4 + 3

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Its another word for subtracting one number from the other.

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"And" usually refers to the process of addition. It can be another word for "plus."

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the smallest numberIt means the smallest number

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what does key mean in math

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In basic terms, Calculus is Differentiation and Integration And all things associated with that.

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Get a number or value.

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The word at means the least

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Combine Like terms

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Weighted average and whole number are math terms. They begin with the letter W.

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I do not know of such a word related to math(s)

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