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What does the word whole number mean in math terms?

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A whole number is a fraction that is equal to like 4/4 and because they have a numerator and denominator that are both the same numbers and because of that you have to sometimes change it into a whole number and a whole number is basically just like a regular number like 4 or something but its actually different because it means that a whole number is actually just a fraction number and not a normal number that you already know .

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What does truncate mean in math terms?

truncate means to add the whole number to whatever else you have,and then multiply it by your fraction

What does volume mean in terms of math?

A number? ^^

What does a line above a number mean in math terms?

The line above the number means in Math Terms that the number is repeditive and goes on and never stops.

In math what does the word multiple mean?

It mean the product of a given whole number and another whole number.

What does whole mean math?

Any whole number in math is simply a number without any decimal points. 324 -whole 324.78 -fraction

What Does Fraction Mean In Math Terms?

to put it simpley it is a PART over a WHOLE

What does the word factor mean in math terms?

a number that can go into another number.

What does the word minimum mean in math terms?

the smallest numberIt means the smallest number

What does a prime number mean in math terms?

a prime number has only 2 factors

What does undefined mean in math terms?

it means that there is no number that is equal to the euqation

What does greater than zero mean in math terms?

a positive number

What does OPP mean in math terms?

It means two do the opposite of that number.

What does the word fraction mean in math?

a numerical quantity that is not a whole number

What does mixed factions in math mean?

a whole number mixed with a fraction

What does integer mean in math terms?

An integer is a number which does not have a decimal part at all.

What does highest mean in math terms?

the highest number that a numerator increased by its GCF

What does percent of change mean in math?

percentage of the whole number that you are taking away

What does constant mean in math terms?

It means something that doesn't change, like a number.

What does constant terms mean in math?

A constant is a number that doesn't change, it remains constant.

What does minus mean in math terms?

Its another word for subtracting one number from the other.

What does ceofficent mean in math terms?

the number with the variable. For example, in 6x, the coefficient is 6.

What does at most mean in math terms?

at the height of the number you are dealing with your welcome :) em and lish .

What does prime numbers mean in math terms?

a number that is divisible only by itself and 1

What does the word palindrome mean in math terms?

A number that reads the same backwards and forwards.

What does powers key mean in math terms?

Power (in math terms) means that you take the whole number, and whatever power its given, is how many times you multiply that number by itself. Example: 5 to the 6th power. You would take 5 (whole number) and times that by itself 6 (power) times. 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5.