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"-6 and 6" is not a symbol!

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Q: What does this math symbol -6 and 6 mean?
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What does the V + _ symbol mean in math?

It a letter in math. Am a right? Am not that smart tho

What is abbreviation symbol for 'about?

The symbol for about in math is this ~ , for example if an answer is 6,00428535578 you might write ~6

What does the caret symbol mean in math?

^ means, "to the exponent of"

What does the star mean when it is in the middle of your math problem?

The symbol "*" means multiply.

What does the lambda symbol in math mean?

Lambda is usually specified to mean wavelength in mathematics and physics.

What does 12 6 cloud mean?

It's mean math. 12-6 Cloud=6 cloud

What does the ' symbol after a number mean?

6' = 6 feet

What does Yd mean in math?

Yd is not a standrad mathematical symbol. Its meaning depends on the context.

What does the symbol o with 2 dots over it mean in math?

it means square root. Ö9 = 3

What does reduced mean in math?

Reduced in math means you need to subtract. 6-4

What are the triangles for work and power?

If you mean the symbol of a triangle, in math and science a triangle stands for change in

What does this mean in math like 2 of them like an equal sign?

~ this is the symbol im talking about>

What does the word variable mean in math?

A variable is a (letter) symbol that represents one or more numbers

What does plus mean in math?

It is a symbol representing addition, one of the basic binary operations in arithmetic.

What does before mean in math?

before in math means like 5 becomes before 6

What does the symbol for the the 6 mean on the keyboard?

For my best knowledge, that is the to the power symbol. Lets say 6^4, that would mean 6 to the 4th power. (6 x 6 x 6 x 6) Hope this helps.

What does 6nth power mean in math terms?

6n = 6 * 6 * 6 * ... with n "6"s.

What is the math symbol for corresponding sides?

The symbol is §

In math what does the U mean?

The U symbol indicates a Union in set notation. This means that the resulting set is the combination of all unique items in the sets on either side of the symbol.

Symbol for the math term area?

A capital A is usually used as a symbol for area in math.

What does metal math mean?

It simply means math in your head (generally simple math, i.e. 3+4, 6/2, etc.).

What does x mean by math?

In math, x can either be a multiplication symbol, (ex/ 3 x 4=12), or it is used as a general variable in algebra problems (2x=4)

What does the word variable in math terms mean?

A symbol, usually a letter, that is used to represent 1 or more numbers

What does the upside down U symbol mean in math?

In sets it means intersects. like what is common in both sets

In Math what does the upside down T mean or stand for?

The Upside down T symbol indicates perpendicular lines.