What does truncate mean?

Updated: 10/17/2022
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To shorten as if by cutting off

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Q: What does truncate mean?
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What does trunicated mean?

It is a misspelling of "truncate."

What does truncate mean in math terms?

truncate means to add the whole number to whatever else you have,and then multiply it by your fraction

What does the word 'truncate' mean?

Truncate has many meanings depending on how it is used in a sentence. If it is used as a verb, truncate means to shorten something. If used as an adjective it means it stopped suddenly.

What is a sentence for the word truncate?

my brother can truncate my computer

What does truncate mean in math?

having the end spuare or even [ tuncate trees]

What does it mean to give an approximate value of a number by reducing it to a specific number of digits?

truncate :)

Can you use commit statement after truncate?

You can use COMMIT any time, but it is not necessary after TRUNCATE TABLE.

How would you use truncate in a sentence?

She had to truncate her story, so that it would fit into the five minute session.

How to truncate the following number 3.8?

If you truncate 3.8, you will get 3. Remember, while truncating you don't have to follow the rules of rounding off.

How do you Truncate 148.79 to the whole number?


How will you truncate the following Use an asterisk ( ). school schools schooling?

How will you truncate the following? Use an asterisk ( * ). school schools schooling

What is truncate data?

To TRUNCATE means to cut off. In math, this means instead of rounding. To ROUND 1.25 to the nearest 1/10 would be 1.3 (5 rounds UP) To TRUNCATE 1.25 at the 1/10 position would be 1.2 (just cut off the 5)