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2/1000000000 = 0.000000002

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Q: What does two billionths look like as numbers?
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How do you write this number in word form 20.00125201200?

Like so:twenty and one million two hundred fifty-two thousand twelve billionths.

What percentage of the energy radiated by the sun reaches the Earth's surface would it be two-fiftieths two-thousandths two-millionths or two-billionths?

Two billionths. It might seem really small, but coming from the sun, it is a lot!

What does a multiplication grid look like?

a multiplication grid looks like a box set of numbers where you multiply two numbers making each two numbers multiplied by making multiplication boxes

What percent of all sunlight reaches the Earth's surface?

About two billionths.

What does 2 quarts look like in numbers?

If that's two quarters, the answer is 2/4.

How do you write two hundred ten billionths in scientific notation?

two hundred ten billionths in scientific notation is 2.10 x 10^-8

How can a GUI of a program to add subtract multiply and divide the two numbers look like?

Take a look at the Windows Calculator.

How do you write this number in words 0.004000602?

Four million, six hundred two billionths.

What does one hundred and two million one hundred and four thousand look like in numbers?


How do you write one million two thousand in numbers?

1,002,000 if in Europe it would look like 1.002.000

How do you write two and eleven hundred?

Those are two separate numbers. Thus, writing them would look like this: 2 and 1100

Round 4.9536 to the ones?

u look at the first two numbers of the decimals. If it s five (like it is) look at the next digit. Round it to...... the next big number

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