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Q: What does two wrongs don't make a right but three rights make a left mean?
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If 1 red is wrong and 2 wrongs dont make a right then what do 3 lefts make?

a Right

What does 2 W D M A R mean?

2 wrongs dont make a right, helio says so

Should violent criminals be eligible for the death penalty?

in my opinion: No. Violence is wrong but killing is worse. One saying that supports this: "Two Wrongs Dont Make A Right."

Name three abolitionists and explain what they did to obtain rights for slaves?

i dont hhave no idea

How are the Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights similar?

Both were made to give the people their freedom.The declaraition declared it, the bill of rights protected it.

Why as people we both have rights and a right to our beliefs?

because we all need something 2 bealieve in wat will we do if we dont and we have rights to have a safe community

Why is right to freedom is called cluster of Rights explain?

I think i dont know this answer i'm sorry

Should I cheat on my gf if she has cheated on me before but she regret it doing it but still lies to you a lot about almost anything?

two wrongs dont make a right... you just need to move on if she's not real enough to tell you the turth. if you don't have trust you dont have anything its key to a relationship

What animals don't have rights?

animals dont even know what rights are imagine if every animal had a right how chaotic this world would be if it is that big of a deal you could start a conservation program then one day release them into the wild where they dont need right they can just live joyfully and with freedom

What is waiving your rights?

Giving up everything and letting the pigs do what they want with you DONT DO IT you have the right to remain silent USE IT

What year was the petition of right signed?

The Petition of Right was signed in 1628 by King Charles I of England in response to grievances raised by Parliament regarding his violation of their rights and liberties.

What three rights do all Americans have?

the answer is freedom,equality,right to vote and liberty.