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It will decrease the voltage drop.

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Q: What effect does it have on the voltage drop in an electrical cable if the resistance of the cable is decreased?
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What is the current effect on the wire if both the voltage across it and its resistance are halved?

Resistance = Voltage ----------- Current So if both the resistance and voltage have halved, the current has doubled

How does Voltage effect Power?

Assuming a constant value of resistance, power is proportional to the square of the voltage applied to that resistance.

What is the effect on voltage with the increase in resistance?

If the current is held constant, the voltage will decrease.

If you double both the voltage and the resistance in a circuit what would be the effect on the current?

Ohm's Law: Current is voltage divided by resistance. Doubling both the voltage and the resistance will not change the current.

For a constant value of voltage what is the effect on current if resistance is halved?

If resistance is halved while voltage remains constant, the current will double.

How does increasing the voltage in the circuit effect the bulb's brightness?

The electrical potential energy increases as the voltage is increased. It further excites the filament in the bulb more than a lessor voltage would. Using good old ohm's law (Voltage = Current x Resistance), a larger voltage applied to a bulb at the same resistance increases the current proportionally and larger currents has the effect to cause higher temps in conductors

What is the effect of resistance on electrical energy?

The resistance lowers the flow of an electrical current. It also converts electrical energy that flows through it into heat, wasting the electrical energy.

What would be the effect on the voltage level at the load if the distance between the electrical supply point and the load appliance is increased?

As the resistance in the wire increases due to the longer length the voltage drop across the wire resistance increases. This leaves less voltage across the load. To overcome this voltage drop usually a larger size wire which has less resistance is used. A safe nominal figure for voltage drop is to keep it at 3% of the line voltage.

What is effect if internal resistance of battery become equal to the external resistance?

The battery's terminal voltage will be 1/2 of its open-circuit voltage.

What is the effect on the current in a wire if both the voltage across it and it's resistance are doubled?

By Ohm's Law, current is voltage divided by resistance, so if you double both the voltage and the resistance, the current would remain the same.

What happens to a parallel circuit resistance if the voltage applied is doubled?

That has no effect on the resistance. The current doubles also.

Does material composing the body effect the electrical resistance of a body?


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