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Q: What element uses up four fifths of the air?
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About four fifths of the air is what?


What are the uses for element in boron?


Why is air an element?

Air is a mixture of several gaseous elements, such as oxygen and nitrogen, and compounds, such as carbon dioxide. In the sense of the four elements, water, fire, earth, and air, air is an element.

What is somthing that is am element?

The four elements are water, air, fire, and earth!

What is a 4D PUMP for air matresses?

An air pump that uses four D-cell batteries.

Is earth an element?

yes its one of the four elements - earth, fire, air and water

How do you change the air filter in Audi A4?

Facing the car the air box is to the left. Undo four clips, remove element, clean out the air box, install new element (read the arrows for the direction of the air flow), reattach clips.

Which element beats which?

There are four elements in world. The four basic elements are fire,water,air and earth. Water beats fire Fire beats air Air beats earth Earth beats water

How do you change the air filter for a 2003 Audi Quattro?

Follow the air intake from the engine to the front of the car. There is a rectangle box. Unclip the four clips surrounding box, lift up, pull element out. Next clean the air box, and replace it with a new element. Clip all four clips. Done.

What is the element for air?

Co2 is the element for air

What is the element of air?

Air is an element. One of the main four Western elemnets; Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Unless your question is reffering to the table of elements, in this case air (oxygen) is mostly made up of hydrogen, though it also contains carbon-dioxide.

How do you change the air filter on an 2006 Audi A4?

4 clips, unclip all four and pull element out.