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To find the circumference of any circle, use the formula pi*diameter. Pi can be approximated to 3.14159. Your best bet for finding the diameter would be to set the ball down, put two books opposite each other against the ball (or anything that is a plane really) and use a ruler to measure the distance between the tops of the books. Just make sure the books (or whatever) you're using are perpendicular to the surface they're on.

If you're looking for surface area, use the formula 4*pi*r*r. To find the radius, just divide the diameter by two.

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Q: What equation do you have to do to find out the circumference of a rugby ball?
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What is the equation for finding the radius of a sphere when you know the circumference?

The equation for circumference is C=2(pi)(r) where C is the circumference and r is the radius. You can find the radius by plugging in the circumference into this equation and solving the equation.

Which equation could be used to find the circumference of a ball with a radius of 5 inches?

The circumference of a circle equals 2 times pi times the radius, in this case, about 31.42 inches.

How do you find pi using a equation?

If: circumference = pi*diameter Then: pi = circumference/diameter

What is the circumference when the radius is r?

To find the circumference of a circle, use the equation: Circumference = 2*π*radius so when the radius is r, the circumference is 2πr

What is the circumference of a circle 2 m radius?

By using the equation 2πr that is used to find the circumference, you get 12.56m

How do you find the circumference of a ball?

Put a thread arround the ball and measure the thread's length.

Where can one find find Canada Rugby schedules?

Rugby is a popular sport where players try to carry the ball to the other side. You can find the Canada Rugby schedule on the sports site of TSN Canada.

How do you find the circumference if you have the area of a circle?

Area of a circle = 3.14 * r2 Thus, radius, r = root of ( Area of a circle / 3.14 ) --------- equation 1 Circumference of circle = 2 * 3.14 * r Therefore, from (equation 1), Circumference = 2 * 3.14 * root of ( Area of a circle / 3.14 ). In a nutshell, first find the radius and then the circumference.

What equation could best be used to find the circumference of the tire in inches?


What are the steps of finding the circumfrerence?

This is the equation for the circumference... C= 2 x r x pi r = the length of the radius pi = 3.14159 To find to circumference just find the radius of your cricle that you want to find the circumference of. then simply multiply 2 and 3.14159 by the radius and your circumference is the answer

Where might you find a prolate spheroid?

Might be a Rugby ball, American Football

What is the mathematical equation you generally use to find the circumference of a circle when you know the diameter?

circumference of a circle = diameter*pi or 2*pi*radius