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Might be a Rugby ball, American Football

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Q: Where might you find a prolate spheroid?
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What geometric shape is a football?

prolate spheroid

What is the shape of a football called?

a prolate spheroid.

3D egg shape is called?

Ellipsoid, Ovoid, Prolate Spheroid, Spheroid

What is the geometric shape of a football field?

It is a prolate spheroid.

4 What shape is a rugby ball?

Its a prolate spheroid

How many different directions can a prolate spheroid bounce?


Is a football an oblate spheroid?

No, but it is a prolate spheroid. Alternative answer: An American football is not well described by a prolate spheroid, though that shape can describe a rugby ball. An American football is more accurately described as a vesica piscis that has been rotated about it's long axis.

If a 3D circle is called a Sphere what is a 3D oval called?

A three dimensional oval is simply called an egg, or more mathematically, an ovoid. A three dimensional ellipse (a more symmetric oval) is called a prolate spheroid, or oblate spheroid, depending on how the ellipse is rotated.

Why is a football round?

To allow it to roll and facilitate kicking A U. S. football is called a prolate spheroid.

What is the mathematical name of the shape of a rugby ball?

A rugby ball is, mathematically speaking, a "prolate spheroid"spheroid-1By the way, the mathematical name of the shape of a coffee grain is "Remb's surface"

What has the author Hans-Peter Kreplin written?

Hans-Peter Kreplin has written: 'Wall shear stress measurements on a prolate spheroid at zero incidence in the DNW wind tunnel' -- subject(s): Prolate spheroids, Boundary layer transition

What is the mathematical term for the shape of a football?

Rugby/American Football - Prolate Spheroid Association Football - Sphere Old style World Cup ball - Truncated Icosahedron

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