What exactly are teleconference services?

Updated: 9/16/2019
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A teleconference is the live exchange and mass articulation of information among several persons and machines remote from one another but are linked by a teleconference service. You can find a list of 7 free teleconference services at

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Q: What exactly are teleconference services?
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What are some names of teleconference providers?

Teleconference providers provide teleconferencing services, which allow executives to keep in contact with clients as well as with one another. Some examples of teleconference providers include AT&T, AllConferenceServices and PowWowNow.

What programs or phone services give a company cheap teleconference calls?

Programs and phone services that give a company cheap teleconference calls include PGI, Unlimited Conferencing, and WebEx. Other examples include AccuConference and InterCall.

What is a highly rated teleconference service that is available in the Midwest?

Skype is considered one of the most reliable teleconference services worldwide and offers many solutions to business conferencing problems, such as security.

What companies offer teleconference services.?

There are several companies that can be found online who offer teleconferencing services.,, and are three that offer these services.

Which is older a teleconference or a telephone?

teleconference because the teleconference was made before the telephone.

What word is older teleconference or telephone?

The telephone is older. Teleconference is modern.

What is vedio teleconference?

wrong spelling: see Videoconference, Videoconferencing or Teleconference/~ing;-)

What teleconference calling solutions are the cheapest?

If looking for a cheapest solution to make a teleconference call, it is best to choose from a cheap company, for example according to All Conference Service webpage, it suggested Conference Worldwide is one of the cheapest teleconference service.

Where can I find information about teleconference providers?

There are many teleconference providers available for you to choose from. You can easily use Skype or Oovoo for your teleconferencing needs as these are two very complete programs.

What are the names of some of the main teleconference companies?

Some examples for companies offering teleconferences include "Videoconference24", "InterCall", "Teleconference Canada", "Eagle Conferencing" or "Bow Communications".

Where can one purchase teleconference equipment?

One can purchase teleconference equipment on Centurylink, Communique Conferencing, CNET Shopper, Indosoft, Vidyo, DexKnows and Megameeting online sellers.

How many people can participate in a teleconference at one time?

The amount of people that can participate in a teleconference at one time depends on the type of teleconference: interest telephone conferencing, videoconferencing, web conferencing, and augmented reality conferencing - having the ability to include limitless participants, depending on the technical capabilities.