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Q: What expression means 3 times a number h - plus?
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Related questions

What is the algebraic expression for the sum of four times a number plus five times another number?


How do you write a verbal expression that translates the mathematical expression 8x plus 3?

Three and eight times a number.

What is 6 times a number plus k?

The algebraic expression is 6x+k

How do you write this into an algebraic expression five times a number plus three?


What is an expression like 4(3 plus 2)?

It means 4 times (3+4) = 28

How do you write algebraic expression 5 times the quantity of 4 plus a number?

5(4 + x)

What is the algebraic expression for 3 times a number plus 15 divided by 2?


How do you you write the sum of a number and 3 in algedra in expression?

n+3 the sum of a number and three means a number plus three.

What is the expression for the sum of 8 times a number and two?

8x−27≤−x+18 Answer is 5 and all numbers less than that. Explanation: This is just mostly interpretation, so to do this, we know 8 times a number is 8x, therefore it's 8x. Minus twenty-seven is subtracting 27, so 8x−27. "No more than" means nothing more, but it can be less so ≤(that means less than or equal to which means the number on the right has to be greater than the number on the left or it can be equal to it). Negative of that number means −x because we don't know what "that number" is so we can assume it's x. Plus 18 18? So you can do −x+18. To solve this, you can add 27 on both sides and also add x to both sides to get: 9x≤45 Then divide both sides by 9 to get x≤5. Therefore from interpretation, you can say that the answer is 5 and all numbers less than that works.

Which of the following best describes the algebraic expression 15x plus 8?

The sum of fifteen times a number and eight.

Three times a number plus 5 is equal to 5 times the number?

So 5 must be the other two times the number which means the number is 2.5.

How do you use only the number 5 and the order of operations to write an expression that equals forty nine include the expression?

5 times 5 plus 5 times 5 minus 5 divided by 5

Is three times a number plus five equals twenty and expression or an equation?

It is an equation in the form of: 3x+5 = 20 and the value of x works out as 5

What arithmetic operations does the expression 14 plus 7t 29 contain?

Plus and times (perhaps)

What is a number plus three is 9 in algebraic expression?

3 plus x = 9

What is a number plus 5 in algebraic expression?


An expression of three terms?

"An expression of three terms" means that the expression has three parts, combined by plus or minus signs. Within each of these parts (terms), there can be a single number or variable, or a product or division involving several other pieces.

What is the expression of eight plus seven times five?


What is x plus 3 times 4?

The expression will then be: 12+x

What is 4 plus 7 times a number is 9 times a number?

18 is a solution to the equation 4 plus 7 times a number where the result is 9 times that number.

What are some ways to write h plus 65 in an algebraic expression?

a number plus 65

What does 8 increased by three times a number?

it means 8+3x 8 increased (plus) three times a number (3x) x is an unknown number so it is often called a number

Three times a number plus 6 is eight times that number minus 4 means?

3x+6=8x-4 by the way x=2

If a number times three equal twelve plus the number What is the number?

3 times 3 = 9 plus the number 3 = 12.

What is the algebraic expression for half a number plus 7?

24 85