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The expression "-b".

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Q: What expression will have a negative outcome if b 41?
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What is Cristiano Ronaldos blood group?

a negative

What is b plus 14?

It is an algebraic expression in the form of: b+14

What is the boolean expression for NOR gate?

Boolean Expression: Not A and Not B (Not A + Not B)

What is the answer to the sum of 15 divided by b and 6?


What is b plus 1 as an algebraic expression?

b + 1 is b plus 1 as an algebraic expression.

What is the answer to algebraic expression b plus 1?

The answer is b+1. Therefore the algebraic expression for this is b+1

What is five divided by the sum of a and b?

You can write that as 5 / (a + b), or as a fraction, with the 5 on top, and a + b at the bottom. The actual value of this expression will depend on the values of "a" and "b".

How do you determine whether an expression is rational algebraic expression or not?

If the algebraic expression can be written in the form of a(x)/b(x) where a(x) and b(x) are polynomial functions of x and b(x) ≠ 0, then the expression is a rational algebraic expression.

If the mother is A negative and the father is B positive how can the child be B negative?

If the mother is A negative, and the father is B positive, they could have children who are A negative, A positive, B negative, B positive, AB negative, AB positive, O negative, or O positive.

A verbal expression for 5 a-b?

A verbal expression for 5 a-b is that it is 5 is multiplied by the difference between a and b.

A plus b?

The value of a + b depends on the values of the individual variables.The expression a + b cannot be simplified.

3 times the sum of b and 5?

The algebraic expression is 3(b+5).

What is the rational expression of the quotient 4a plus b and 2a - 5b?

The expression is: (4a+b)/(2a-5b)

Is 41 irrational?

An irrational number can't be expressed in the form of a/b, where a and b are integers. But, 41 can be expressed as 41/1 which clearly shows that 41 is not an irrational number.

Start with b add x and then multiply the result by 5 what expression do you get?

The expression is: 5(b + x)

The product of a and b divided by an expression that is 3 times their difference?

The answer to the product of a and b divided by an expression that is 3 times their difference is 3ab(a+b).

What multiplies to equal negative 60 but adds to equal negative 4?


The algebraic expression a-b is not equivalent to b-a because?

Let's say a is 1, and b is 2. Is 1-2 the same as 2-1? I didn't think so. This is because subtraction is the same thing as adding a negative number, so by switching the a and b, you are also switching them between negatives and positives. However, -a-b is the same as -b-a.

What is Johnny Depp blood type?

He is B negative.

Can a mother with O negative and a father with B positive have an AB negative child?

No. They can have an O positive, an O negative, A B positive, or a B negative child.

How do you write each subtraction expression as an equivalent addition expression?

A - B = A + (-B) A - B = A + (-B) A - B = A + (-B) A - B = A + (-B)

What will be the result of the expression a percent b?

a%b = a*b/100

What type of blood can type b negative receive?

B Negative and O Negative

Can a parent with b negative and a parent with o negative have a b negative child?


What type of blood can someone who is b negative receive?

B negative or O negative.