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Q: What expressions do you use if you want to say that you remember something well and?
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How do you remember a think for long time?

Well, deepens on what you are trying to remember. If you where trying to remember something for school you can post what you want to remember places you look alot.

How do you remember adverbs?

well, USUALLY adverbs end in ly, so if u want ton remember it just remember ly

Why do the properties for solving for exponential expressions apply to radical expressions as well?

A radical is an exponent, stupid.

Tell me something you wouldn't want to do well in the front row of a church?

swear, sleep, talk, laughing jag, forget prayer/ hymn, sneeze, and one more i cant remember

A mathematical sentence that compares expressions that are equal is a?

A(n) _____ is a mathematical sentence that compares expressions that are equal.

Do infants learn and remember?

Well usually when a infant is being taught something over and over or keeps being reminded of it he will usually remember but if u teach a infant something only a few times he will most likely remember lets say its a rule the best for the infant to remember it is to penelize him/her for doing it after telling the infant not to ,I am not saying to beat him ,take away something the want but not need for a while.Lastly it most depends on age u see some infants lets say one dont remember much. Please Comment if this helped

Are facial expressions important in speeches?

yes. cause think about it. If you look like you are going to be sick when your speech is supposed to make you encouraged about something... they wont respond well.

A guy I like is about to leave town for a week and you want him to remember you the most what do you do like say something?

Do you mean in a week or for a week? Well really to get him to remember you do something big. Tell him you really like him. Give him a really big hug before he leaves, or a kiss. Do something special if you can. Like throw him a small party with a few friends, invite him to the movies before he leaves, or even get him a sentimental gift.

How do you know if your boyfriend's brother likes you more then a friend?

You need to pay attention to the eye contact, body language, his attention, talking, playing, and his facial expressions around you. If you want to go out with him, well you can if he breaks up with you for some reason. But if you don't stick to some other guy if you don't want your boyfriend much anymore. Don't let friendships end even if relationships do. Remember that.

Where can you find pictures of idiomatic expressions?

Idiomatic expressions are essentially literary and not pictorial. There are some well illustrated, pictorial books titled " English Idioms [ in Business, in Sports, in Relationships, etc. ] or something similar, in bookstores at home and abroad. Try your local library or other book supplier.

Can you galvanize something already galvanized?

Well you can if you want to.

How do you forget the stuff you want to forget?

you start to think about something else that you want to think about... well that helps me