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Q: What falls fastest a crumpled paper ball or folded paper?
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Why does a crumpled up paper ball falls faster than a flat sheet of paper?


What falls faster a crumpled ball of paper or a flat sheet of paper?

Assuming that both pieces of paper weigh the same, a crumpled piece falls faster in the presence of an atmosphere. In a vacuum, they would fall at the same speed due to the lack of wind resistence.

Why does a sheet of paper fall slower than one that is crumpled into a ball?

The crumpled paper has less air resistance.

Is it true or false when a crumpled piece of paper falls to the ground more quickly than a flat piece of paper becauseof gravity?

False, the gravity on the sheet of paper is the same regardless of its shape. However the crumpled sheet has less air resistance than the flat sheet allowing it to fall faster.

Is the force of gravity stronger on a crumpled piece of paper than on an identical piece of paper which has not been crumpled?

No. The mass is the same. Ed

Why does crumpled paper fall faster than straight paper?


Which has more air resistance the flat paper or the crampled paper?


Why does folded paper go farther than unfolded?

Folded paper goes farther than unfolded paper because folded paper weighs more than unfolded paper. Folded paper is too light to go far.

How do you use crumpled in a sentence?

Crumpled is similar to wrinkled. Here is one possible sentence:She crumpled the piece of paper before tossing it into the trash bin.

What happens when a paper is crumpled?

Paper matter is condensed into a smaller surface area.

How much faster does a crumpled paper fall than a flat sheet show a video?

how much faster does a crumpled paper fall than a flat sheet

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