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square and Equilateral Trangle

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Q: What figure always has the same numbers of lines of symmetry?
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What is a figure with no symmetry lines?

a polygon

Is it true that a figure with no lines of symmetry have rotational symmetry?


What is the greatest amount of lines of symmetry a figure can have that is known?

a circle has infiniti lines of symmetry

Which figure has exactly four lines of symmetry?

A square has exactly four lines of symmetry.

Does every figure have a line of symmetry?

Shapes do not always have lines of symmetry. For example, if you have an irregular shape, it will not have a line of symmetry. I am quite certain though that all geometric shapes have a line of symmetry.

When does a figure have rotational symmetry?

A figure has rotational symmetry when it has 2 lines of symmetry. Wait, that's wrong. It's 2 or more lines of symmetry.Hope this helps!! =D

What figure has the most lines of symmetry?


How many lines of symmetry does the figure below appear to have Of a heart?

If the figure is an image of a real heart, then there are no lines of symmetry. If it is an idealised heart, then 1.

Which other numbers from 3 through 9 have lines of symmetry?

8 has lines of symmetry.

How many lines of rotation of symmetry does a square have?

Rotational symmetry refers to symmetry of the figure when it is rotated about a single point in the same plane. Lines of symmetry apply to reflections. You do not have lines of rotational symmetry.

What figure has two lines of symmetry?

Equilateral Triangles (3 lines of symmetry)Rectangles (at least 2 lines of symmetry)Squares (4 lines of symmetry)Rhombuses (at least 2 lines of symmetry)Any regular polygon (at least 5 lines of symmetry)

What figure has exactly three lines of symmetry?

An equilateral triangle has exactly three lines of symmetry. It is the only shape that contains exactly three lines of symmetry.

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