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If the figure is an image of a real heart, then there are no lines of symmetry. If it is an idealised heart, then 1.

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Q: How many lines of symmetry does the figure below appear to have Of a heart?
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Which figure has only one line of symmetry heart or triangle?

A heart. Triangles can have more than one depending on the type.

What is 1 line of symmetry?

one line of symmetry means that a figure is identical in shape and detail as the other side when you split it in halve. Like a heart. If you cut it in halve, it should be identical on the other side as long as it is a blank heart.

What figure has exactly ONE line of symmetry?

There are infinitely many such. A valentine heart would be one well-known. example.

Does a Heart have rotation symmetry?

A real life heart will not, but if you're talking about the cartoon/picture heart, then yes it will. <3

How many lines of symmetry does a heart have?

1 line of symmetry

How many symmetry lines does a heart have?

1 symmetry line

Does a heart have a line of symmetry?

Yes, it has a vertical symmetry line.

How many lines of symmetry a heart has?

i think u mean: how many lines of symmetry DOES a heart HAVE and its has 1

Does a heart have line symmetry or rotational symmetry or both?

The heart does have both symmetries. it can be split through the middle and rotated 4 times to make rotational symmetry

Does a heart shape have symmetry?


What are the rotational symmetries of a heart?

a heart have no rotational symmetry!

What is a line of symmetry?

A line of symmetry divides a figure into two halves that are the mirror images of each other.Fold a square sheet of paper exactly in half. When you unfold the paper you will see the crease down the center. That is an example of a line of symmetry. Both sides of an object must be equal to be symmetrical. Let's do a construction taking off on this idea. You've probably already done it at one time or another.Fold that piece of paper, and take a pair of scissors and cut half a heart out of it using the crease as a line going down the "middle" of the heart. Unfold the finished construction. You'll have a heart and that fold you made in the paper is the line of symmetry for the figure. The line of symmetry divides any shape into mirror images.