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Q: What figure dicribes 2 pairs of equal sides four angles formed by perpindicular lines and 2 pairs of paralell sides?
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What figure has 3 pairs of parallel faces and 8 pairs o f perpindicular?


What is the equation to figure the angles of a polygon?

what is the equation to figure the angles of a polygon?

Which pair of angles in the figure below are vertical angles check all that apply?

which pairs of angles in the figure below are vertical angles

What is the definition of interir angles?

These are angles on the inside of a figure.

What are angles on the outside of a figure called?

Exterior angles

How does reflecting or rotating a figure change the interior angles of the figure?

The angles have the same measure. In the reflection the order of the angles are changed from clockwise to counterclockwise.

Triangles must have angles but this figure has no angles whai is it?

A circle.

Angles that add up to 180?

If all of the angles add to 180 degrees the figure is a triangle. * * * * * That is if they form a plane figure. Angles that add to 1890 degrees are called supplementary angles.

What is a geometric figure that shows all possible angles?

The number of all possible angles is infinite and no figure can show them all.

How many angles can a similar and congruent figure have?

That depends on the how many sides the figure or polygon has but they both will have the number of equal angles

How can a similar figure not be congruent?

if the angles of a figure are the same but the sides aren't, it is similiar. Congruent is angles and sides exactly the same

A four sided figure with 4 equal sides and no right angles?

A figure with four equal sides and no right angles is a rhombus. A rhombus is comprised of two acute angles and two obtuse angles.