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An isosceles triangle.

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Q: What figure has two conguruent sides and its angles measure up to 180 degrees?
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If a figure has 8 sides what is the measure of its interior angles?

1080 degrees

What is the total measure of all the interior sides of a four sided figure?

The interior angles measure 360 degrees.

What are the angles equal to on a 6 sided convex figure?

Each angle has a measure of 120 degrees

How do you measure angles with out a protractor?

You could estimate. If it is not right, it is between 90 degrees and 0 degrees. If it is between right and straight angles, it would be between 90 degrees and 180 degrees. You can sort of figure out roughly where each and measurement was.

Angles that add up to 180?

If all of the angles add to 180 degrees the figure is a triangle. * * * * * That is if they form a plane figure. Angles that add to 1890 degrees are called supplementary angles.

If a figure has 4 sides The sum of 3 interior angles of this shape equals 340 degrees What is the measure of the other interior angle?

20 degrees

You are a closed figure with 3 sides you also have 3 interior angles with a combine measure of 180 degrees what are you?

Triangle or Pyramid

What figure has 4 sides that are 7 centimeter long each and has two sets of parallel lines and 4 angles that measure 35 degrees 145 degrees 35 degrees and 145 degrees?

a rhombus

How does reflecting or rotating a figure change the interior angles of the figure?

The angles have the same measure. In the reflection the order of the angles are changed from clockwise to counterclockwise.

Interior measure of a convex polygon with four sides?

If interior measure means interior angles, their sum is 360 degrees. Also, whether the figure is convex is irrlevant.

Can a right angle have twoangles that measure 38 and 54?

You might be able to figure this out for yourself, based on the following information:* The angles of a triangle must add up to 180 degrees. * A right angle has a measure of 90 degrees.

What is the total degrees of angles in a rhombus?

The sum of the four inside angles in any 4-sided figure is 360 degrees.

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