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If its a regular cylinder, it should be a circle.

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Q: What figure is at the bottom view of a cylinder?
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What figure has a circle on the bottom?

A cone/cylinder

Which solid figures have a top view that is the same as the bottom view?

Which solid figures have a top view that is the same as the bottom view?The top and bottom view of every solid figure MUST be the same. For example, the view of a square based pyramid is a square: whether viewed from above or below.

How do you draw a net for a three dimensional figure and the figure is a right circular cylinder?

Draw a rectangle for the side of the cylinder and on top and bottom of this rectangle 2 circles for the base and the top of the cylinder The rectangle width would be the diameter of the circle large and the same height that the cylinder

Explain Why is the surface of water in a graduated cylinder curved?

it is probably called figure it out, it is curved because glass is sticky. When you measure the volume from a graduated cylinder, measure at the bottom of it. It is called the meniscus.

Which figure has two circular bases a sphere or a cylinder?

A cylinder

What solid figure would it be will it be a top view bottom view or a side view?

i think it would be a triangle, because usually it has 3 sides. so my opinion is that it is a triangle. Or maybe a square.. because it would be a equilateral triangle.

What is a sliding figure called?


What is the three dimensional figure?

A cylinder

Name a solid figure that has only 2 faces?

a cylinder a cylinder

What plane figure is each base of a cylinder?

the base of a cylinder is a circle.

What solid figure would you get if you cut a cylinder in half?

Another cylinder

What is a particular side or face of a geometric figure?

To answer this question I am going to use a cylinder. A face or side would either be the top or bottom. It is a flat surface on the object.

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