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Q: What force is generated if 100psi is applied to a piston whose area is 18 square inches?
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If a cylinder has an input pressure of 50 psi and the blank side of the piston is 5 sq inches how much total force is applied by the piston?

Multiply the number of square inches times the pounds per square inch. In this case, 5 x 50- or 250 pounds of force.

What is the piston displacement of a master cylinder with a 1.5 inch diameter bore and a piston stroke of 4 inches?

9.4247 cubic inches

How are hydraulics used in car brakes?

As the brake pedal is pressed, an attached rod on the master cylinder applying pressure to the brake fluid in psi. This pressure is applied to the calipers/wheel cylinders clamping the brakes. In front brakes(disc/caliper) setups the pressure is multiplied. An example: Applying 100lbs of force to the master cylinder(not the pedal, since the pedal has a mechanical advantage of 5-7:1 meaning 20lbs or less on the pedal is 100 on the master cylinder). Because the master cylinder's piston has an area of 1 square inch(generalization) it would equal 100psi. 100psi of pressure on the caliper's piston which can have an area of around(say) 3inches, would exert 300psi of pressure on the pads.n disc drakes

If a 3 N force is applied to the small piston of a hydraulic lift with an aarea of 0.5 m3 how much force will be applied to the large piston if it has an area of 2 m3?

The force applied to the large piston will be 12 N. This is because pressure is constant in a hydraulic system, so the pressure on both pistons will be the same. Therefore, by using the formula for pressure (pressure = force/area), you can calculate that the force applied to the large piston will be 12 N.

Why engine piston ring jam?

more heat is generated in working of engine so its piston ring war out and cut mark appears on the ring surface.

What is clearance volume of engine?

The volume between the engine head and piston when the piston is in the head dead center piston R - is expressed in cubic inches

Explain how the difference in the area of two different sized pistons can have a dramatic effect on the forces applied to each piston?

The force applied on a piston is directly proportional to the pressure acting on it, which in turn depends on the area of the piston. If the two pistons have different areas, the larger piston will generate a greater force for the same pressure compared to the smaller piston due to the differences in surface area. This can lead to significant differences in the forces experienced by each piston.

In a hydraulic system thr force exerted on the large piston is?

equal to the force exerted on the small piston. This is due to Pascal's Law, which states that pressure applied to a confined fluid is transmitted undiminished in all directions. As a result, the force applied on the large piston is distributed evenly throughout the fluid and is transmitted to the small piston, exerting an equal force on it.

What does cdi mean on a car?

Cubic displacement inches (the volume in inches displaced by the piston/s).

What is the purpose of fixing a dummy piston and cylinder in steam turbine rotor?

Dummy piston is provided to oppose the axial thrust generated (in the direction of steam) due to incoming steam.

How does a car engine generate power?

the patrol enter the basins where it will fired with the power generated from the piston to the plugs

What would happen if you doubled the area of the piston on the right side of the hydraulic system?

If you double the area of the piston on the right side, it would create a force twice as large pushing down on that side. This would result in a greater pressure in the fluid, causing the piston on the left side to move upward with a force also twice as large as before.