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If the ion product concentration is greater than the Ksp value a precipitate will form. If it equals the Ksp the solution is saturated and no precipitate forms.

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What is the relationship between Ksp and the product of ion concentrations in terms of determining whether a solution if those ions is saturated?

Ion product < Ksp Unsaturated solution Ion product = Ksp Saturated solution Ion product > Ksp Supersaturated solution

What is the Ksp for BaSO4?

The Ksp for BaS04, which is barium sulfate, is 1.1 x 10^-10. Ksp is the solubility product. It is the product of the solubility of the ions in moles per liter.

Why potassium chromate is more soluble than silver chloride?

due to the solubility product constant(ksp)

What is the Solubility Product Constant Ksp for AgNO3?

it's soluble in water, so ksp is reaalllyy small--i wont be much of a help if you were looking for ksp to prove what i said;;

What is a solubility product of calcium chloride?

ksp= [Ca2+][Cl-]^2 = (x)((2x)^2) Ksp =4x^3 where x= the amount soluble of one mole of product

Why doesnt the solid appear in the Ksp expression?

Solubility product constant, Ksp, uses concentrations of soluble (dissolved) substances. A solid is not dissolved.

What chemical system can Ksp be assigned?

Ksp or solubility product is meaured for aqueous solutions of salts, for acids is Ka , for bases is Kb and for water is Kw.

What is the solubility product constant Ksp for CaF2 The solubility of CaF2 is 0.00021 M.?

CaF2 Ca(2+) +2F(-) Ksp=(x)(4x^2) where x=solubility Therefore, Ksp=3.7 x 10^-11

Can a soluble substance become in soluble?

If there is no reaction occuring to change the molecular structure of the substance, you have to look at the ionic product of the substance. When the ionic product is more than the Ksp of the substance, there would be precipitation of the substance

What is the ksp of KCl?

Ksp of KCl is 7.9006

How do I calculate the molar solubility of copperII sulfide in 25M of CuCl2?

You need the Ksp of copper sulphide. From that you can use the equation for solubility product - Ksp = [Cu2+].[S-] where the Cu2+ term becomes 25M.

How to determine stability of a ion or compound in water?

To determine the stability of an ion compound in water: look up the product solubility constant (Ksp) for the compound to be dissolved; write the chemical equation and modify the Ksp equation.

What does the solubility product constant tell us about a compound?

It gives us an indication of its solubility in water. A large solubility constant (Ksp) means it is easily water-soluble. A small Ksp means it is generally insoluble in water.

What is the relationship between solubility and solubility product constant?

Solubility Product Constant, Ksp is the equilibrium constant for a solid substance dissolving in an aqueous solution. Molar solubility is the number of moles of a substance (the solute) that can be dissolved per liter.MnAm⇔nMm++mAn-Ksp = [Mm+]n[An-]m

What is the Ksp for NiOH2?

for Ni(OH)2, Ksp=6.0*10^(-16)

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