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a formula that uses pi is the circumference and area of a circle and every polyhedron that has a circle

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Q: What formulas use Pi in the equation?
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What can you use pi for?

Formulas relating to circles

What are three formulas that use pi?


What is the equation pi?

"Pi" is not an equation - it is a constant. Pi is irrational, that is, it cannot be expressed as a ratio of constants, but it can be truncated for common use (approximately 3.1415). Pi is given by the circumference of a circle divided by the circle's diameter: Pi = C / d

What is the equation of Pi?

there is no equation of Pi Circumference divided by diameter

Use of pi in your daily life?

You can use it to build buildings, pools, and and if your boss gives you a mathematical equation, you can answer it.

What is the mathematical equation you generally use to find the circumference of a circle when you know the diameter?

circumference of a circle = diameter*pi or 2*pi*radius

How do you find the volume of a ball with the radius being 4 and leave pi in the equation?

Use the formula volume = (4/3) pi r3.

What formulas use pi?

the circumference formula uses pi and the formula is pi (3.14) times what ever the diameter is and that's one formula i know and I'm in fifth grade

How do you find pi using a equation?

If: circumference = pi*diameter Then: pi = circumference/diameter

Are there many formulas to calculate pi?

Pi = circumference/diameter

What equation is the answer to pi?

22/7=pi (roughly) 7 times pi is 21.99115 pi is 3.1415926535898 etc

How do you find the area of a circle knowing only its circumference?

If you know a circle's area, you can easily determine its radius using equation (1). Once you determine r, then plug it into equation (2). Pi = 3.14. (1) A = [Pi]r2 (2) C = 2[Pi]r Hint: Equation (1) can be rewritten r = SQRT(A/Pi)